Thursday, January 20, 2011

blog error

Just letting you know that there is a problem with my blog header which I am working on fixing tonight. Fingers crossed!!

ETA. It appears that the problem was with the blog template as the site I downloaded it from seems to be having problems (photobucket bandwidth exceeded - a bit over my head!!). It is now nearly 1am, so I have found a temporary template to use as I am beyond exhausted trying to find another one, but it is a little busy and cluttered, so I will be changing it to something more simple soon. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of a good site, can you let me know??

2nd ETA! I just woke up and it appears I can use my little template again which I have grown attached to. Unsure what happened there - I am a computer novice! This has made me very wary though and I am going to look into getting a customised blog template in future as this little episode proved very challenging for me!!


  1. Morning Kerry!

    I think this is a lovely template and you did so well to install it all!


  2. Hi Karen,
    I have woken up to see that the original blog is okay to install back in again, but I have been looking at your blog by Laycock Designs. I am seriously looking at getting them to do a blog template for me, as they look very professional. My template is a freebie and this has made me a bit wary!

  3. Welcome to the DT - Very pretty card. I love how you created the grid and stamped all the little flowers.

  4. Hey Kerry - just saw your reply to me!

    If your thinking about getting a customised design DEFINITELY get Michelle Laycock to do it! She is absolutely fantastic to work with. She was installing it right before my very eyes, and if there was something I wanted changed, I flicked her a quick email and she did it - right there and then!

    It was the best money I ever did spend considering I didnt have to do anything, but sit and watch my beautiful blog appear! lol

    If you need any other info - just flick me an email!