Thursday, January 13, 2011

Very quick card


I write this post as Brisbane and South East Qld is coming to terms with the devastation left from this week's floods. It is almost too much to comprehend when I see images on tv and our local suburbs we visit regularly just 10 minutes down the road are consumed with water up to rooftops. I have friends in these areas who my heart goes out to (as it does to everyone is the terrible situation) as their businesses or homes have been severely damaged or destroyed. Our family also lives in Toowoomba and we are so thankful that they are all safe, even though the effects of the ferocious flood that hit their town in particular will be with them for a very long time. We have been separated from our 5 year old daughter who has been staying with my mother in law and family for a few days at the Sunshine Coast but thankfully she is safe and we are able to pick her up tomorrow as the roads start to open.

Our suburb of Forest Lake was thankfully spared from the flood waters, however my husband is out on the frontline as well as members of our family who are in the SES, working around th clock to do everything they can to help with the mammoth task of the cleanup and keeping people safe. At the moment we are cut off from our friends and family who have been affected as the floodwaters still have their suburbs blocked off, but as soon as we can, my family and I will be doing everything we can to assist in the cleanup. Our hearts go out to everyone.

I have not been to my blog since the start of this week since this catastrophe has happened, and to be honest I have hummed and haahed all day about posting a card that I made for my mum's friend on here as it just doesn't feel right going on with day to day tasks while others are suffering, so I will make this a brief post. If anyone wants details at all about the card, I am happy to let you know. The card is made for made for Off The Wall Craftiness #40 and uses the colours burgundy, tan and white ( I have used Scarlet Jewel (PTI), Kraft and White).

Again, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone out there affected by this week's tragic event.
Take care and stay safe,


  1. Kerry I'm so sorry to hear about your friends and family who are under this destruction of flood. I can't even imagine.

    Your card is stunning...I love all that glorious white space!! I'm so glad you shared this with OTWC this week!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your friends and family affected by this flood Kerry. I've been watching the news constantly for days and its so hard to comprehend a city as HUGE as Brissie, going under water! So very sad really!

    Thank goodness for people like your hubby who are out there helping those less fortunate!

    Your card is absolutely beautiful. Keep creating, because I believe its so good for your mind to go to a happy place even if its just for a little while!

    Thinking of you and your family and friends!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing about what is going on; I have heard so much about the floods here in the US, but we can never comprehend the complexity of it until we hear it from someone who is actually there. I am thankful that you were able to escape the brunt of it, but sad for your friends and family. It sounds like you are doing what you can.

    Your card is an absolute stunner and I wouldn't have wanted you to NOT share it. So, thanks for taking the time away to put together something so beautiful - I find creating very healing, so hopefully it will work for you too. Thank you so much for playing at OTWC this week and I do hope that you will join us again.

  4. Kerry I have watched some of the news of the floods there in Australia and it is indeed sad to see the devestation that has taken place. Prayers being said for all involved.

    Your card is just divine! Thanks for sharing it and your thoughts.

  5. Dearest,

    Forest Lake was "spared" because its not part of a flood plain, not because of good fortune.

  6. Kerry - this card is just stunning and perfect to go along with such a post. It has been so horrific watching as people's lives are destroyed hasn't it. So good of your husband to be out there helping. Lots and lots of hugs xxx